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Melbourne Metro impacts on Kensington: ACTION

The Melbourne Metro Environment Effects Statement (EES) is on public exhibition until 6 July and public submissions are invited until then. This is important to South Kensington especially. We are urging people to make a submission in support of the ALTERNATIVE design which will have less impact on traffic during construction, number of homes lost and South Kensington Station and precinct than the Concept design.  

The Venny – thank you Council

The community of Kensington is extremely grateful to the City of Melbourne for committing to the Kensington Adventure Playground (the Venny) and its programs that support not only children of the area but families as well. With the withdrawal of Save the Children as a tenderer, discussion with The Venny management team lead to a commitment from the latter to make some changes to improve compliance. Council, at the meeting on 31 May, awarded a contract for the operation and management of the Kensington … Continue reading

Western Distributor community consultation

The Very Last opportunity – an extra session – convenient to on your way home: Tuesday 3 May 3-8pm at the Limelight Room, Etihad Stadium. Directions to get there:  Go and provide face-to-face feedback on different options for the road design, including the  connections to CityLink.  We  need to raise the matters of air quality, noise, cycling and walking, urban design and construction management for the Environment Effects Statement.